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    Multisteps have over 20 years experience in the production and distribution of packaging fresh produce, seafood and meat. We are able to provide professional and cost-effective solutions to our clients. All of the products that we manufacture are fully certified by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute and the HACCP Australia Food Safety Accreditation Systems.

    Our internal research and development team ensure that we are up to date with the latest technologies and that we are providing innovative, cutting-edge service to our clients.

    All of our products are hygienic, BPA free and are put through strict quality assurance before shipping.

    Our offshore production facility allows us to provide competitive pricing for our clients without sacrificing the quality of the product. With our quick production turnaround times and uniform standard of quality, you can be confident that our packaging products will showcase your products with pride.



    If you require any modifications to our existing designs, we have a team of in-house engineers who are on hand to quickly make adjustments to the tooling and moulds for thermoforming. Managing these processes internally allows us to keep our prices competitive for our clients, as we will not need to send the products to a third party company for amendments.

    We were also one of the first companies in Australia to provide logo lamination directly onto our punnets during the production process, making us the perfect one-stop shop for all your packaging needs. 

    If you require customised packaging options, please contact your nearest Multisteps Industries office.




    At Multisteps Industries, we source only the best raw materials from reputable multinational companies which guarantees their quality.

    We then produce our own plastic sheets in-house, instead of purchasing them from third party suppliers. This allows us to ensure that there are no variances in the sheen, thickness and integrity of the plastic sheets to provide a consistent and reliable product to our clients throughout the entire production process.

    Our main method of production is thermoforming - which is the process of heating a thermoplastic material and shaping it in a mould – and all of the machines that we use are sourced from the best manufacturers in Germany. From start to finish, we are making sure that we are using the best technologies and procedures available to provide the highest possible level of product to our clients. 

    If you would like to find out more about our manufacturing processes, we have produced a short video that explains the process in detail. Or contact your nearest Multisteps Industries office.


    We specialise in the production of APET, PP, PS, Rigid Plastic Sheets, Films and Punnets, which are used in the packaging and distribution of fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables, seafood,bakery and meat.

    Each of our clients has different needs depending on the type of item that they are looking to distribute so our in-house design team has developed a catalogue of product solutions.

    Our products are categorised based on the type of item being packaged. These items are then further categorised depending on the required height, width, and number of side holes required, so our clients can choose the best fit for their products.

    We are also able to produce customised packaging solutions for our clients and have a number of patented designs available that offer unique solutions to help your products to stand out from your competitors. If you require customised packaging options, please contact your nearest Multisteps Industries office.