Our Services & Capabilities

Built on over 20 years’ experience and a network of loyal customers, we have the capabilities and expertise to meet all your packaging needs in the required capacity and time frame.

Outstanding Support

Our expert team work closely with our customers, providing responsive and tailored service. From the initial enquiry, we will take the time to understand your needs, offering solutions to enhance your business. Our aim is to be the packaging supplier that benefits your business, whether it be through greater efficiency or better on-shelf presence.

Our customers will only deal with one point of contact, ensuring any partnership is built on accountability and a thorough understanding of your business.

Leading Quality and Value

Our horizontal and vertical integration model provides us with unrivalled quality control to offer the largest range of products at the most affordable price.

Our global presence also allows us to service our national and international customers faster and better, adapting to each customer's unique geographical needs seamlessly.

Expansive and Customisable Range

Your needs are unique, and your packaging should be too. We have an extensive range of products to best showcase your produce and have the ability to customise all of our products if they do not meet your requirements.

We offer the option to label products before delivery and have a broad range of high quality and cost-effective labelling options.

Inhouse Solutions

No element of the customisation process is outsourced. We have our own tooling factory, which means we design and manufacture samples inhouse. This means quicker turnaround times for you, so we can get you up and running ASAP. We invest substantially in our research and development strategy and have the capability to design and produce complex custom designs for our customers at competitive prices.

Reliable Domestic and International Shipping

With a presence in Australia, USA, Hong Kong and China, and a network of subsidiaries and distributors globally, we are perfectly positioned for your packing needs, no matter the location. We are always reliable in our deliveries as well. Ensuring you're not waiting on orders to arrive and taking the stress out of your packaging supplies.

Stock & Storage Facilities

We have one of the largest capacities for storage so you can have access to the right inventory quickly and when you need it. Don't wait for packaging to arrive and lose valuable time in bringing your produce to market.

Strict Quality Control

We take the quality of our products and quality control very seriously. All our machines in our production facilities are fitted with electronic scanners to detect defects.

Our tracking system records key information during the production process and ensures that each case of clamshells can be traced back to its origin.

We are also NSF certified, meaning that we meet strict standards for public health protection.

We conduct regular checks and yearly audits (of HACCP, ISO 9001 and SEDEX) on our factories and ensure we offer good working conditions for all our employees.


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